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Installation of tray cable

In the industrial sector, a “cable tray” system is used to support all insulated electrical cables. It allows the cables to be organized and protected since your electrical circuits may be exposed to conditions that are too wet or too dry. The “cable tray”, or cable tray, is therefore an excellent solution to allow you to protect your wiring. In addition, its fireproofness and configuration increase its safety and contribute to fire prevention, among other things.

In addition to its preventive function, the cable tray has many advantages over the other cabling methods available on the market. First of all, its value for money is simply unmatched: for unparalleled reliability and efficiency, your industry will spend a minimum of 50% less on its installation (compared to electrical conduits) given the ease of the installation and the affordability of the materials required for its installation (supports, fittings, etc.).

In addition, the innovative cable tray design limits and facilitates cable tray maintenance, which allows your business to keep its operations rolling on a more regular basis and therefore improve its performance and productivity.

Entrust M.B. Électrique’s experts with the task of installing it according to the highest standards.