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Installation of lighting system

Whether for a new building or to improve the lighting system of your business or industry, M.B. Electric’s dynamic team is able to advise you on the many choices available to you. We will then know how to install it to meet your expectations and requirements. Our installation and/or improvement service for a commercial and industrial lighting system is versatile. M.B. Électrique’s master electricians can install structures or appliances related to any type of lighting. We know that the entrepreneurial reality is constantly changing and strongly influenced by increasingly fierce competition. As a result, our electricians take into account current or future changes in your business/industry and adapt the lighting accordingly.

Whether it is a sign (interior-exterior) backlit by diodes or neon lights, streetlights, emergency lights, high pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent tubes or thousand and other types of lamps, bulbs and structures complete your lighting, we perform the installation according to the latest safety standards in force. We also know how expensive electricity bills can be for a business or industry. This is why our specialists will be happy to offer you energy-efficient lighting solutions and alternatives currently available on the market that can increase energy efficiency while maintaining or improving light quality. Moreover, M.B. Electric always issues an estimate of the energy cost of the lighting system suitable for you before installation to ensure that you make the right choice according to your professional needs.