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A team of electricians in Lorraine

In everyday life, power outages are common and it is often difficult to remedy them independently! That’s why you can call on our team of professionals who work in the Lorraine region in all types of situations. Our master electricians in Lorraine travel for the installation or repair of electrical appliances, both for residences and commercial premises.


The importance of electricity in housing

Today, electricity is essential to our daily lives. That is why a power outage can quickly become a nightmare. In addition, some faults can damage your electrical circuit, which is why it must be corrected as soon as possible!


The different types of switches we install in Lorraine

Switches are the centrepieces of electrical circuits and it is sometimes difficult to understand how they work. Electrical systems consist of many overlapping wiring.

One type of operation that is common is back and forth. It is a matter of controlling an electrical system through two switches. They are often used in the stairs and in the parental rooms to be able to turn off the light from both ends. The switches are connected by what are called shuttle wires.

Still on the same principle, it is possible to control an electrical circuit using the remote switches which are a set of switches that control the same light.


The interest of electrical boxes

Electrical enclosures, also known as electrical meters, are designed to provide security within buildings. Electrical switchboards can be installed when the housing is new or when a faulty old cabinet needs to be replaced. Of course, you have to make sure you turn off the power before you start repairs. You must then connect the different power lines to your board, without being mistaken in their functions. The most important part is the circuit breaker which can have different height amps. The greater the electrical circuit, the greater the number of amps. The type of circuit breaker will depend on the intensity of your circuit and the type of connection. The purpose of the circuit breaker is to stop the electrical current when an incident occurs within an electrical circuit.


The danger of electricity when installing a swimming pool

In the city of Lorraine, many residences are equipped with swimming pools. The establishment of such an infrastructure requires increased vigilance since water and electricity do not mix well. That is why there are very strict standards for installing electricity in and around swimming pools. Electrocution or electrification can happen quickly. There are therefore volumes for swimming pools that will define the level of stress tolerated in a given area. Many electrical appliances are powered by electricity and are close to water, such as the circulation pump, filters, lighting, heating… And these are all elements that can cause an accident.

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