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Verification of the electrical system

The electrical system is difficult to understand and is often ignored by many individuals. However, it is important to maintain your electricity system through annual inspections. In Rosemère, our master electricians use cameras to access crowded areas.

We check the condition of the electrical panel as well as its power. Our electrical contractors will ensure that circuit breakers and switches are in good condition to protect you from short circuits and overloads. It is important to use a professional to ensure that you do not forget any devices.


The value of an architectural electrical plan

Electrical plans are essential to understand how the network works in your building. If you are about to build a house or renovate it, we advise you to make a drawing of your electrical installation to be able to make improvements.

It’s really about positioning electrical appliances and their relationships to each other over the architectural plane of your home. To represent the various electrical appliances such as switches, television and telephone outlets, specialized outlets for the oven, dishwasher, you can use symbols.


The various electrical panels installed in Rosemère

The electrical panel is a key element in the electrical system of your home or business premises. It must meet the standards imposed by the government and its goal is to reduce the risk of incidents that occur frequently in some cases. All devices that are connected to the circuit breaker are connected inside the lower terminals while the upper terminals are dedicated to power.

The price of an electrical panel varies between $100 and $400. Beyond this price, you can invest in a pre-wired electrical panel with circuit breakers and integrated circuits.


Water heaters

If you are looking to set up a new water heater in Rosemère, a multitude of sizes and templates are available to you. If you are looking to place it in a small location, you can opt for a mini water heater that installs easily in all types of places. It is therefore easy to hide it in a closet for example, so that it does not encroach on your interior decoration. As for vertical water heaters, they are more bulky and heavier but their installation is simple. Finally, the horizontal water heater is the least practical since for identical use, its storage capacity must be more than 50 litres.


Making an electrical connection in a building in Rosemère

Before intervening in the power grid, it is important to turn off the power from the general circuit breaker. The colour code of the electric cables can help you to find your way around. Indeed, the blue wire is the neutral and the red wire is the phase. The back and forth allows the same electrical circuit to be switched on or off from two different locations. Care must also be taken to ensure that the rating of the circuit breaker corresponds to the current of the electrical circuit.

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