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Electric services in Mascouche, the North Shore and Greater Montreal

MB Électrique Inc offers you a basket service with electrician for all types of work in height up to a height of 40 feet. Let our experts work safely at more dangerous heights for you. We will carry out your work at 40 feet without problem.

Example of electrical work with nacelle: External electricity of your building, signs, exterior lighting, etc.

Contact us for your work at heights.



Spa and pool

When buying a spa, jacuzzi or swimming pool, it is important to consider all the electrical aspects that are usually associated with it. Due to the imminent danger of water, it is important to entrust to professionals the care of making the installation and electrical connections…

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Heated floors

More than a new trend, heated floors, or radiant floors, are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, in Quebec, our winters are not easy, the comfort provided by such floors is undeniable.Whereas they were once limited to the kitchen or…

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Heating and lighting

La base essentielle de toute demeure pour y vivre aisément est, bien entendu, l’éclairage et le chauffage. Vous désirez modifier ce type d’installations? Vous voulez ajouter de nouveaux appareils de chauffage ou systèmes d’éclairage dans une pièce ou l’autre de votre demeure?

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Electrical input

Does the age of your home or your needs have changed such that the electrical entry to your home no longer meets your expectations and does so in a safe manner? You want to modernize your entrances in order to adapt to new needs such as a car terminal…

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New construction

For any new residential construction, when it comes to the electrical system, there can be no room for improvisation for obvious safety reasons. Call on our specialists to accompany you, first of all, on the choices available…

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General Renovation

Is your home’s electrical system out of date or needs to be partially or completely replaced? You then need professionals with the expertise and experience to carry out this important work. M.B. Electric is the dynamic team you need.

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Commercial et industriel


Whether for a new building or to improve the lighting system of your business or industry, M.B. Electric’s dynamic team is able to advise you on the many choices available to you. We will then know how to make them…

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Cable Tray

Dans le secteur industriel, un système de “cable tray” est utilisé pour supporter tous câbles électriques isolés. Il permet d’organiser les câbles et de les protéger puisqu’il se peut que vos circuits électriques soient exposés à des conditions trop humides ou trop sèches.

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EMT conducts

To ensure your own safety and that of your family, customers or employees, are you considering isolating and protecting some of your electrical cables? The solution is an EMT conduit, a metal pipe into which these cables will be inserted. Electric tubes…

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