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Do you ever have power outages? The first reflex to have is to know if the outage is general or local. If it is local, this phenomenon should not be taken lightly, it may mean that your electrical system is somewhat faulty.

Even carrying out renovations or an electrical installation when one does not have professional knowledge can be dangerous at times, accidents and fires associated with it are very common. Installation errors in your electrical system can also cause a big waste of time. Save time with electric MB! We are at your disposal seven days a week to make your life easier. Our company works in the city of Lachenaie. We are a company specialized in wiring and electrical equipment and our team is made up of electrical installers. With our seven years of experience, we are now able to undertake all kinds of work in the electricity sector.


We work in two main types of sectors:


Our electrical contractors in Lachenaie offer you residential services. The work can be more or less substantial. This involves the electrical overhaul to measure the extent of the work after that we can proceed with the installation or the repair of the electrical system! We do a lot of installation of water heaters, as well as heated floors for the long winter days! We also less important services such as changing electrical outlets, installing switches.

The electrical installers of lachenaie are more than experienced and guarantee you a work done in the rules of the art. Reachable 24 hours a day, we ensure the security of your home continuously!

Don’t wait for your house to be damaged before reacting! There are signs that your residential electrical system is failing that you should be aware of. If you have so far only doubts, call MB electric! Its electrical installers will travel around the city of Lachenaie to inspect your system and advise you on the situation.


Our electrical contractors in Lachenaie complement residential services with services for commercial and industrial businesses. When you run a business, lighting is a thing not to be neglected because it has a big impact on the image. Fortunately, our Master Electricians at MB Electric have a solid knowledge of the subject and will make your business sparkling. In the trade, there are many choices of specific lighting, and we mainly work on signs, street lamps as well as conventional lighting. We also install the rigid EMT conduit and a cable tray system in Lachenaie. We estimate the cost of your electricity bills after the work, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

For more information contact us, we are available to advise you and answer all your questions!

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