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Operation of an electrical circuit

An electrical circuit is a set of electrical conductors and appliances that are traversed by current. All the buildings are equipped with it. It usually consists of a generator, which is the power source, and a switch, which is a simple control element of the circuit. As for the wires, they provide an electrical link between all the devices. Inside an electrical circuit, the current flows from the positive terminal, through all the elements that are in its path to reach the negative terminal.

Many devices operate solely on electricity. This is why a powerful and safe electricity grid is essential to have a good performance within a home. In Sainte-Thérèse, many homes are old, which is why our electrical contractors intervene to improve the electrical grid of homes.


The role of master electricians

Master electricians specialize in service categories, such as residential, hotel, shopping malls or buildings. They must meet numerous safety standards when installing electrical appliances.


Electrical installation in residences in Sainte-Thérèse

Our electrical contractors have the ability to add electrical inputs and outputs. Before adding this type of element in an electrical circuit, it is necessary to check whether the latter will be able to withstand an additional load.

There are different types of electrical circuits, but the most common are single-ignition assemblies that allow ignition points to be switched on or off from a single location. The remote switch and the back-and-forth assemblies consist in opening an electrical circuit from several points. Timers are often popular with manufacturers because the ignition is automatic when a movement is detected and goes out after a set time. Thanks to this last technique, you will be able to achieve significant energy savings since you will no longer leave the light on behind you!


Installation of electrical circuits for large appliances

Some types of appliances such as washers or freezers consume a lot of energy and need to be powered by specialized circuits. It is the amperage power that will vary depending on the devices that are part of the circuit. These circuits shall be protected by a differential circuit breaker.

Our service is for both residential and commercial systems.

Use an electrician to set up your spas and swimming pools in Sainte-Thérèse

Whether you want to relax after a stressful day is natural. It is perfectly normal that you intend to invest in a pool or spa. Nevertheless, care must be taken to ensure that this equipment is installed in accordance with specific safety standards. The power grid must be placed at a minimum distance from the pool to avoid all types of incidents.


The prices of an electrical installation

As soon as an electrical installation is modified, prices may vary greatly depending on the type of electrical equipment, the complexity of the service requested and the level of dangerousness of the action. On average, the intervention of a master electrician in the region of Sainte-Thérèse exceeds $100. We are aware of the investment that this kind of work requires, that is why you can contact us to establish a quote!

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