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Did you know that it is highly recommended to replace wiring if your home was built more than 50 years ago? Undertaking wiring work is very complex for a particular lambda, whether it is installation or replacement of electrical system. The use of a professional is more than recommended because this type of work requires very specific material as well as in-depth knowledge of the field. Installation errors can be fatal for you and your loved ones, to ensure work is done safely it is better to call on a professional. A professional will have all the necessary solid knowledge in the field for safe work.

Our company MB Electric offers its services in the big city of Montreal, in the East sector. Our master electricians in Montreal East are experts in this sector, our company specializes in residential and industrial electrical systems.

No matter what kind of electrical work you need, our electrical contractors can do it all!

Residential services offered in Montreal East

As previously stated, MB Electric is an electrical installer in Montreal East. This company takes charge of everything that is electrical connection such as installation of electrical outlets, installation of water heater, floor heating. Our master electricians in Montreal East are also in charge of the general renovation. We have been on the electrical systems market in Montreal East for 7 years now for your comfort. Our electrical contractors are aware that unforeseen events can happen at any time! We offer a continuous service throughout the city of Montreal 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Fires caused by bad electrical installations are very common, do not wait for a disaster to happen and contact a professional such as MB Electric who will advise you and perform the necessary work in your home. The safety of you and your family is the priority, for this the electrical inspection is very important.


Commercial and Industrial Services in Montreal East

Our company also offers services for commercial and industrial companies in Montreal. Very experienced in lighting, we can deal with all types of bulbs, lamps and structures! If you need an electrician for a sign, a streetlight or conventional lighting, we are very good at that. Our master electricians in Montreal East will do everything possible to restore your business to its sparkling storefront. The electricity bill can be a topic of concern especially when the space of your business is large, the costs differ enormously from the costs of residential electrical installation. We estimate the cost of electricity bills. You will be able to witness the installation or renovation of your lighting system in total serenity knowing exactly the costs that this will entail.


Look no further, you have found the electrician you need by coming to MB Electrique!

Nous offrons un service pour les urgences 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7.

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